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Fund Information

Portfolio Manager

Manish Sharda​, Age 37

Partner & Director

He has been working with Virema Group (the Firm) since its inception in 2004, and most of his skills and experience have developed with the business activities of the Firm. He has been an integral part of the Firm's organic growth from its Net Asset Value (NAV) of about USD 100 thousand in 2004 to more than USD 30 million in 2017. He has secured finance to fuel growth and managed associated financial risk.

Investment experience

Having computer science background, he adopted scientific approach to investing his own capital early on. In 2005 he started researching, developing and testing quantitative strategies initially on historical data and then with live trading in the markets. Having honed his approach using his own capital, in 2012 he started managing and investing the surplus funds of the Group.

The fund is established after successfully investing for the Firm.

Fund Strategy

It is a market neutral fund with allocation as following:

  • about 90% of the fund is Long/Short equity

  • about 10% Trading of derivatives on commodities, indices and volatility instrument.​

Stock picking for Long/Short position is done by in-house developed computer algorithm which screens the market with statistical analysis.

Fund Facts

Inception Date

7th December 2017

Commencement Date

16th April 2018

Asset Class

Public Equities and Derivatives

Fund Type

Cayman Registered, open ended fund

Fund Administrator

Functional Currency


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